Coram Deo was conceived of in the late 1990’s and registered as a not-for-profit driven company in 2003.

Situated in Centurion, Pretoria, South Africa, Coram Deo offers transformative learning and professional counselling services made cost effective by the generosity of our donors and partner therapists and other professionals.

Accredited through the University of Pretoria, we offer specialised training in a narrative approach that is generally described as pastoral but non-doctrinal in nature. It means that we are not going to dictate to people what to believe.  We are not a church. We have partners in different faith communities. The tradition of a narrative approach, especially in conversation with theological discipline make us aware that faith and religion can hurt as much as it gives meaning to our lives.  We are a Christian organisation and sees our mission as following the heart of God and God’s work in the world as revealed in Christ.  We see our work with people as facilitating what God is doing in the lives of people and communities and strongly situate ourselves in giving a voice to the voiceless, the marginalised, the powerless. As part of this mission we situate our work in the many passages of the Bible that call on believers not to judge.

Our core curriculum, an Advanced Programme in Pastoral Narrative Therapy is presented in several cities in South Africa and globally online through small group interactive face-to-face learning. These learning centres or host venues extend counselling services to multiple regions. As the learning footprint develop we also seek ways to partner with local government and business to empower and collaborate in the agenda of healing a nation, our communities, and our families.

Coram Deo (being a general name in the industry) finds synergy with other entities and partners that may bear the description Coram Deo but who does not necessarily have an official relationship with Coram Deo Pastoral Centre NPC.

Coram Deo Pastorale Sentrum (NPC), Reg No. 2003/007191/08