We’re here because life can get pretty tough.

Our passion is to help you build the preferred story of your life – to invite Resilience, Hope, and Care into your story, which stand opposed to Anxiety, Fear and other bullies in our lives.

For counselling appointments, filling out the booking form is already a courageous act of the many people we see.

You can click here for the booking form to be filled out easily and quickly online. Or, if you prefer you can open and download the hard copy version which you should then please bring along with your first visit.

Not sure yet how to proceed? Do reach out on our platforms below where we will be able to point you in the right direction. Thuli, or Linda is here to help make appointments. They will inquire about your availability and coordinate with a suitable counsellor.


Appointments contact detail

Tel: 012 998 9083 or 012 998 8323 (076 135 7367 Dedicated mobile office or WhatsApp to make appointments during specified office hours.

You can also reach out via WhatsApp by scanning the QR code or click here during office ours (Out of office-hours? Go ahead and leave a message) or speed up the process by filling out the appointments form.

Email: appointments [AT] coramdeo [DOT] (For non-counselling appointments, such as course inquiries please use info [AT] coramdeo [DOT] (Replace brackets as needed)

Video: By arrangement our staff can help by filling out the form for you if you meet them online. Click here and use meeting ID number: 615979492. A separate page will open in your browser.

Once a request to join staff on video is made by phone, if you encounter any challenges you can use the meeting ID number directly from this page. The first time you use this technology a small program will automatically be installed.

(You can also see our contact page)


While we are open on weekdays between 08:30-13:30, appointments are scheduled for throughout the day and week based on your indicated preferred times and counsellor availability.


Counselling rates vary and range from R250 to R550 per 50-60 minute session.

Other ways of helping

Counselling not exactly the kind of help you need?

Location or online

For online appointments a link with a password will be provided. At the time of your appointment, click on the link. That simple. You will have an option to join in your browser via audio or video (we prefer video) or allow a quick download that will automatically install in seconds (given a good connection) that will further enhance your experience. 



We will update this list shortly. Though we don’t have full capacity in all areas where we have learning campuses we often work in networks.

Good to know

We mostly subscribe to a pastoral narrative approach in which respect for your life experiences are of the utmost importance. We see ourselves as partners on the journey and not as someone who will prescribe and diagnose. It’s your life, your story.

Let’s co-create a hopeful future and collaborate on a meaningful life.


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