For counselling inquiries or to make an appointment contact Linda Loots 012 998 9083 or 012 998 8323.  (You can also see our contact page)

Indicate shortly and confidentially in broad terms the motivation for your request so that we can can suggest an appropriate counsellor. We will then contact you with possibilities for an appointment and arrange a suitable time.

We can also assist through other helping modalities from coaching, to mediation to facilitation services and stakeholder and community consultation.

We have dedicated means to address corporate, organisational and employee concerns.

More about our counselling, coaching, and related services here.

Good to know

We mostly subscribe to a pastoral narrative approach in which respect for your life experiences are of the utmost importance. We see ourselves as partners on the journey and not as someone who will prescribe and diagnose. Your life, your story. Let’s co-create a hopeful future and collaborate on a meaningful life.

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