Certificate ceremony 2022

Lecturer encouragement

UP ceremony

Since most programmes are accredited by the University of Pretoria (UP) we usually wait to have our own ceremony until after they have had their’s. Here is a short video of students being acknowledged at the UP ceremony.

Dr Elmo Pienaar, and Professor Ernest van Eck congratulates some of the Coram Deo students.

Coram Deo ceremony

This year’s ceremony will be held on the 23rd of June. We are still in the process of securing the venue which depends on how many of our students RSVP by Monday 13 June. The ceremony is scheduled for 18:00, to commence by 18:30. The event will be for attending in-person, local although we are considering to make it an online event also.

During this ceremony students that took part in various programmes are acknowledged. Our advanced programmes create significant community among students who have journeyed with each other for a prolonged period of time. The programmes in question are:

  • Advanced programme in pastoral narrative therapy (PNT)
  • Advanced programme for practitioner supervision (SUP)
  • Continued professional development (CPD) short courses held during the period.

Updates to follow

Be sure to send us your feedback and photos of the event and we’d be happy to upload them here and celebrate with you.

We hope that the class of 2021 will contribute greatly to the kingdom agenda of advancing hope in the world.



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