For the past twenty years we are known for combining pastoral and narrative therapy. That is the first course on the list that flows into our Practitioner Supervision programme and CPD programme options. Unlike other courses our advanced programme invites you to become part of our community to really get to understand and live the ideas of a narrative approach, irrespective of whether you use it as a parent, leader or manager, in ministry, a teacher, psychologist, coach or other profession.

Course categories

  1. Advanced Programme Pastoral Narrative Therapy (PNT), accredited by the University of Pretoria (Intake 2021 from September)
  2. A short course ‘Meeting Narrative Therapy(MNT), derived from the longer/ advanced programme. (Usually March/April and potentially September).
  3. Continued Professional Development (CPD) programmes (also open to the public subject to Ts&Cs. Among others it include working with children, the organisational context, medical and psychological discourses, working with stories and more.
  4. Professional / practitioner supervision (SUP) programme accredited by the University of Pretoria (Intake anytime but usually February/March and August).
  5. Coram Care (CCA) programmes are presented in the context of pastoral care and narrative counseling (or more widely including general narrative practitioners) and Alumni members. Some topics (see below) address wider public audiences.
  6. Affiliate programmes are offered through our network of affiliates and learning campuses across the country | These are not necessarily courses/events/workshops by Coram Deo (unless stated to be). They are presented from time to time by our affiliate counsellors and lecturers in their personal capacity or in partnership. Such programmes are generally not listed here.

Can we keep you informed about the where, when and how of our courses?

Our courses portfolio

See our dedicated pages for more detail but below you will find an overview of our course portfolio and community learning events.


  1. Advanced Programme in Pastoral Narrative Therapy  (Duration: 2 years)
  2. Practitioner Supervision for Helping Professionals (informed by pastoral and narrative perspectives) (Duration: 2 years but can be done in one year)


The following programmes are presented over 12 hours, usually on a Friday and Saturday. For a growing number of these, participants can also complete it in a self paced but structured online process on our learning website. They are all registered with the University of Pretoria and practitioner accountability body, Signo Professional, and a growing number of them  with CPSC (Council or spiritual and pastoral counsellors).

  1. Medical and psychological discourses (in conversation with pastoral and and narrative perspectives)
  2. Faith in counselling (encountering and facilitating conversations of faith in helping-relationships)
  3. Working with adolescents (Teens, a holistic approach)
  4. Working with preadolescence (Children, holistic approach)
  5. Pastoral family therapy (an introduction)
  6. Dance me to the end of love (families in transition: from separation to constituted families)
  7. Neuronarrative – where narrative therapy intersects with neurobiology and theology)
  8. Storying organisations and relational leading
  9. Storyography (enriching narrative practice through the arts)
  10. Meeting narrative therapy (and overview of narrative ideas)


  1. Coram Care (Mostly weekly throughout the year) | A weekly gathering that serve as ‘care for the care giver’ as well as peer supervision. This programme is awarded all the required CPD points by both CPSC and Signo Professional.
  2. The Practitioner Collective (Mostly weekly throughout the year) | Students who completed their Practitioner Supervision advanced programme often remain part of the weekly process. While they have already obtained their formal programme recognition from the university they are awarded an attendance certificate for CPD and other purposes. This programme is awarded all the required CPD points by both CPSC and Signo Professional.

To learn more about programme recognition, go here.