Family matters

At Coram Deo, family matters! Contemporary families looks and functions significantly different than some decades ago. Work schedule complexity, social norms, economic pressure are just some aspects that changed.

We understand that life happens and our aim is to offer support with care for what families are going through in our day and age.

Under our family services unit (Family Matters) we offer multidisciplinary services.

General therapeutic services

  • Family Therapy
  • Couples and marriage counselling
  • Children’s counselling
  • Teen / young adult counselling
  • Parent education and training
  • Life transition consultation

People would have responded different to some challenges in life if they had known that it relates to changes many families go through. Like with the field of developmental psychology, families go through processes that can almost be expected.

Dr Elmo Pienaar (Pastoral Family Therapist)

Related to marriage

  • Premarital preparation
  • Separation or divorce (pre-mediation or approaching of an attorney)
  • Closure therapy (loss of relationships)
  • Pre-divorce consultation (once off)
  • Key guidance conversations

Services related to children

  • Interaction analysis
  • Play therapy
  • Bonding therapy
  • Family reunification (working with parent-child alienation)

Related to separation, divorce and legal contexts

Some services mentioned on this page also relate to this contexts but are not mentioned again.

  • Some forms of forensic assessments (here meaning a systematic inquiry into the best interest of children in matters of separation and divorce)
  • Listening to the ‘voice of the child’ (Mandatory in SA law)
  • Mediation
  • Family centred law
  • Parental coordination (post divorce as it concerns arrangements)
  • Parallel or co-parent education
  • Family decision making facilitation (all members of the divorcing families in one process)


  • Socio-emotional assessments
  • Subject choices
  • School readiness


  • Divorce care
  • Grief share