Helping team

On this page we showcase a selection of different role players in our community. There are many more involved, please do not hesitate to reach out.

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Helping team
  • Essie Raath
  • Cassie Carstens
  • Adinda van Heerden
  • Elmo Pienaar
  • Jo Viljoen
  • Charlotte Rossouw
  • Francois Wessels
  • Hennie Swanepoel
  • Sonri van Weesel
  • Annalie Pretorius
  • Christiaan Ackerman
  • Christina Auerbach
  • Francette Bedford
  • Sandra Adendorff
  • Anneke Schölly
  • Welly den Hollander
  • Esté Marais
  • Alma Meyer
Alma Meyer
Esté Marais
Welly den Hollander
Anneke Schölly
Sandra Adendorff
Francette Bedford
Christina Auerbach
Christiaan Ackerman
Annalie Pretorius
Sonri van Weesel
Hennie Swanepoel
Francois Wessels
Charlotte Rossouw
Jo Viljoen
Elmo Pienaar
Adinda van Heerden
Cassie Carstens
Essie Raath