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Pastoral Narrative Therapy Bloemfontein

Our primary offering in the area is a university accredited programme in pastoral narrative counselling that usually commences by the end of January each year. It is an advanced certificate but we start off with the very basics of a narrative approach.

Course information

The Free State is a province in which we would still like to build capacity to allow us to offer the programme in the same format we do in other places (about 20 participants). At this stage students need to enroll online but local reflection sessions are hosted throughout depending on enrolment numbers (from about 10).  In this regard contact Anne-Lize Koen (+27 83 273 8755) who is local to Bloemfontein and would be happy to hear from you. Be sure to ask her about her experience in hosting learners who come together at home while going through our pastoral narrative therapy programme

Here is Anne-Lize Koen, on the topic of womanhood in conversation with Bertha from Radio Pulpit. [Afrikaans video]

More about different schedules/formats here.

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