Welcome to Coram Deo’s George network.

Pastoral Narrative Therapy George

Our primary offering in the area is a university accredited programme in pastoral narrative counselling that usually commences by the end of January each year. It is an advanced certificate but we start off with the very basics of a narrative approach. We use several facilities in the area for counselling and other helping services, notably that of Eden Place.

We are also excited to commence with a Coram Care network, coordinated by Corita in the area. This offers a space where pastoral counsellors and narrative therapists come together to share, learn, an collectively make a difference in the area. 

From time to time we also host formal continued professional development programmes and a counsellor supervision programme all of which receive recognition, and are accredited by the University of Pretoria.

For our Pastoral Narrative Counselling programme see the course information page and from there access enrollment forms for 2020.

Course information

Information evening

See this page for the remaining information events in George.

Local partners

We are pleased to take hands with Eden Congregation as a host organisation for the surrounding areas and other faith communities. If the residential campus in George is still too far, consider studying online.

Host partner

George is a direct campus of Coram Deo and from here we take hands with different faith communities. The venue is graciously offered by Eden Congregation being a host partner.

Share your excitement

If you are excited about the hope of healing and possibilities for Pastoral Narrative Therapy in the area – as we are then consider sharing. You might also want to take a look at ways of further reducing study fees.

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Local is ‘lekker’

Every time our lecturers visit the area (several lecturers are local) these are some of the beautiful places we bask in. We thank our students in the South Cape who introduce us to these wonderful places. Photos taken by lecturers.

Herolds Bay
Herolds Bay
Dutton’s Cover (Herolds Bay)

Coram Care – George

Coram Care in George brings together people from various backgrounds who all in some way or another are involved in ‘helping’ (community workers, narrative practitioners, doctors, nurses, pastoral ministry members). We meet regularly as we invigorate our hearts and minds with ways we can help better, and where we ourselves as practitioners are touches by those we work with. An uplifting, positive, learning experience and practitioner community. Reach us at

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