Narrative meets business

Over the years Coram Deo have had many people studying narrative therapy and showing interest in the implications of narrative work in the organisational or business context.

To understand a narrative approach means to grasp that it is something with much wider relevance than counselling. It is fully relevant to other ways of helping that include coaching, mentoring, or facilitation. In fact, it is highly useful in any people-context or profession. What is an organisation or business other than a place where people (being a community) come together and spend most of what they see as their productive lives.

Coram Deo hosts a business forum where like minded people can learn, exchange ideas and get each other involved in collaboration where narrative meets business.

Some of the areas, additional to helping professions, that narrative relate include diversity work, conflict facilitation, change- culture- and transformation processes, strategy work and scenario planning. Join us on this adventure as we discover, unpack business discourses and develop preferred stories of being and doing business in the world.

Join us where narrative meets business

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