Narrative Therapy Introduction Courses

The recordings of the recent live presentation of this two day short course (MNT) is now available.

Those who enroll now (and select self-paced) on the registration form will be eligible to join our standard university affiliated programme (PNT) during the week of 6 May – that is, the Advanced Programme in Pastoral Narrative Therapy (2024-2025). If you do register to listen to the recordings (MNT) and you then continue now with PNT you will receive a rebate of the tuition cost of the short course (MNT) allocated to your second year PNT account. Alternatively you will have to wait for when we open for enrollemnt for the PNT 2025-2026 term but will then not be eligible for the rebate.

The MNT short course is an overview/introduction to what students have missed when the PNT programmme commenced in February. In addition to the recordings of the recent overview, those who carry on from 5 May will also receive all detailed lectures via recordings since it commenced.

To continue with PNT after the MNT recordings is a special arrangement and we ask that when you register, you also let our managing director know you have enrolled (

Narrative therapy offers a view of the world and relationships that can be used not only in counselling but any other helping-practice from coaching, to consulting, to parenting, teaching, ministry and more. It invites us to see, understand, and work with the stories in our world: our stories, those of families, friends, ministries, organisations, or communities.



We are excited for the possibility to welcome and get to know you over the two days of our online narrative therapy introductory short course.

Attending also gives you the last opportunity to carry on with our standard programme in pastoral narrative therapy. You can then join the latter from the week of 6 May.

If you do continue we will give you a 50% rebate on the short course fee you will have completed. This will be calculated into the standard course account afterwards.

Come meet four of our lecturers (subject to change). Supervision students are standing by to give you a practical experience of any of the concepts as you go through the course once enrolled (on request only).

Schedule for weekend (Still listen to recordings)

Friday 12 April
13:30 Check-in
14:00 – 17:00 Session 1
17:30 – 20:30 Session 2

Saturday 13 April
8:30 Check-in
9:00 – 12:00 Session 3
12:30 – 15:30 Session 4

Coram Deo certificates will be ready in the week following the course on our learning website, Narrative Academy. More, during the weekend.

A Zoom link and other info provided immediately with submission of the registration form.

Looking towards counselling?

This short course will enable you to start work in your community in a way to strengthen the preferred stories that sustain healthy ways of relating to others and the challenges we face in communities.

You are welcome to do this course for personal development and to thereby impact your world (family, friends, or colleagues) in a positive way. If you seek to actively apply your learning in your professional role, in community structures and other groups we strongly suggest that you work under the accountability structure of your church, organisation or community leadership. Or, to then continue with our standard course that opens a number of other possibilities for formal recognition.

For non-counselling and customised outcomes

In customised settings we can spend more time on helping participants explore and understand how a narrative approach is applicable to their work (whether for empoloyee assistance, mentors in churches, coaches in business, teachers, leaders and more).

It is still advised that the orgnisation send some participants to a non-customised course. Those participants can then act as mentors in your organisation to ensure capacity building.

In the meantime ensure you are on the course interest list to keep you up to date with developments.

Short course outcomes in a narrative approach

  • Learn how to make sense of the stories that surround us: our own, families, films, media, organisations, and society. 
  • How to unpack and question those stories that tear us down.
  • How to build up the narratives that we want to live in and empower us to reach our full potential.
  • Get a better perspective on what shapes our identity and develop our preferred way of being in the world.


A. Standard fees (for live classes)

For all payment references please use MNT [Surname][Initials]. Send notification of payment to as confirmation of your registration. Bank details: ABSA Cheque account 406 725 8321 | Branch Code 335 545 (Hatfield) | Reference: MNT23 [Surname] [Initials]


Attend as an individual: R1900



R540 per person in a group of 8+ learners

Multiply and pay custom amount. Please use normal EFT.

B. Existing Coram Deo community members or students


Students currently attending as part of any existing regional direct Coram Deo programme (First year, Second year, Third year, Coram Care members): R270 per person. Please pay via EFT with reference MNT24 and your student number.


Former Coram Deo learners and Alumni members: R450 per person


C. Fee exclusions

Book: R400 not compulsory (but compulsory if participants continue with the advanced programme).

Certification fee: Please note that all fees exclude the cost of the University of Pretoria certificate at R400-R800 impacted by interested and payable only upon request).

Electronic registration for short course

For the live training, final details will be emailed n the week of presentation.