Playful ways to connect with children

Many of us ‘grownups’ used to play as if our lives depended on it when we were young. In a way that is true. So much of our lives then and now do depend on it.

Play has never been more relevant than exactly at this time in our history marred by Covid. What does it mean to play effectively and how does it contribute to the emotional well-being of our children. We invite you to our workshop on 31 July at 15:30 – 18:30. Follow our Facebook event here as we update information over the following days.

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* To learn what play really is
* Consider playful ways to connect with children
* Practical games that enhance social and emotional development


R 280 per person or R 180 per person for groups of 5+

Use bank details for EFT or pay now below.

Bank details: ABSA Cheque account 406 725 8321 | Branch Code 335 545 (Hatfield) | Notification to | Reference: PWCC+[Surname]+[Initials]

Individual payment


Group payment

Please calculate by multiplying your group size with R180 and use EFT payment.


Friday 31 July 15:30-18:30


Online video participation link for Zoom will be provided to registered participants on Monday 27 of July. We’ll be happy to test your connection with you during that week leading up to the workshop if technology scares you a bit.


A Zoom link to the online course will be emailed to registered participants. Please always look in your spam folder should you perhaps not receive a link. Final correspondence will take place 26 July and as needed during that week. Real time correspondence will be posted in the Facebook event page for the course here. See also ‘certificate and attendance’ below.

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Presenting psychologists

Luré Louw and Corneli Oosthuizen

More about Luré: Lure has been part of our professional community for over a decade. She completed her studies Cum Laude in the Coram Deo Advanced Counselling Programme accredited through the University of Pretoria (2008-2009). She then completed her psychology degree Cum Laude and registered as a psychologist. During the year she was involved in our child / pre-adolescent module in which presenting aspects that include attachment, socio-emotional development, self-image, self-regulation and playful approaches. Following on from that she presented on the ethical aspects of working with children in a professional capacity at our earlier course ‘Making meaning with children. Her private practice is situated in Elarduspark.

More about Corneli: Corneli is a registered Educational Psychologist with special interest in the mind-body connection in anxiety, depression and trauma. Her practices are based in Centurion and Elarduspark. She works with children and adolescents within a systemic framework. Her scope includes psycho-educational-, school readiness-, and career assessments, individual psychotherapy and family therapy. Drawing on different therapeutic frameworks she employs an eclectic approach tailored to the individual. The aim is to equip children and young adults in a holistic way to face the challenges prevalent in society today.


Coram Deo has been a counselling and training centre for the past twenty year. We are known for pastoral care and narrative therapy and on occasion collaborate with different helping practitioners to bring a unique offering to parents, teachers, counselling students and other helping practitioners. Because we work across a range of professions it makes pre-registration with all the professional bodies for CDP points, administratively nearly impossible.

All Coram Programmes are recognised automatically by the interdisciplinary professional association SignoPro. Due to the need and responsiveness needed this workshop is not at the time pre-registered at various other professional bodies across disciplines, example HPCSA, CPSC, COMENSA, SACE, SABPP, others.

Signo Professional is the only professional association that offers CPD recognition (with Signo) across multiple helping disciplines. On request Signo will offer a statement of learning and development to its members that they can them submit as a portfolio of learning to their professional body towards the end of the year.

There are some bodies that recognise training after events if a log and certification can be presented. Towards this end, such is provided by Coram Deo and where relevant practice numbers and, or, school information can be included on the certificate.


We will be using Zoom conferencing. A link will be provided.

Attendees may convene in a group if each person does not have the necessary internet connection to join individually. In this case the group leader will please need to keep an attendance register for us to confirm attendance. Send this to us as soon as possible afterwards.

We run various programmes in our annual intake of narrative counselling training and for those students (which might help you also) we have written down some best practices to thrive in online learning.

You are also more than welcome to get the setup tested prior to the event.

The basic idea for attending in a group is that (depending on group size) participants will need to see and hear clearly. It is also highly advisable that someone in the group sits at the computer/laptop to act as the local facilitator. This person will mute/unmute as required for conversation and thus contributes to giving the learning a personal feel. If the group is large, spontaneous feedback in your group (speaking) won’t be possible but conversation can also be structured with participants coming closer to the device to speak.

Certificate and attendance

Participants need to indicate on the registration form whether they seek an attendance certificate. Especially for participants who seek certification, once they join the course they will need to ‘right-click’ and change there on-screen name. The system keeps track of attendance and registers the name used on your screen. Don’t worry we’ll cover this on the day. Where required, please allow up to two weeks for us to generate certificates. Certificates will be emailed only.

Registration form

Please note that each person, whether individual or part of a group must fill out a registration form. The group leader, in their form will have to include the first and last names of group members (or email it to us).