Reclaiming humanity

I woke up when receiving a WhatsApp from Coram Deo lecturer Dr Jo, asking how Coram Care might respond to the Corona Virus. People like Dr Jo, ever so caring, reminding me to not shut down, either because sometimes I become too busy, overwhelmed, or so emotionally cut off because of the constant information overload: I have been inundated with statistics regarding the spread of the virus, even ideas about making your own hand sanitiser, comments around the world ranging from highly religious, spiritual responses, and naturally also all the should and should not’s – dealing with this virus as parents, as we are after all the role models and to shapers of our children’s lives…

Dr Jo talked about an opportunity to create hope. As I played around with this powerful word, images came up of the entire world – the globe, outlining the borders of countries either created because of age old historic politics or history, or outlines created by the natural shores and shapes of nature shaping the world as we know it today – On this magnificent globe, there was tiny lights shining on every continent. I could see the amount of lights in China lessen, but suddenly I could see there was a surge of energy flowing into Italy, lighting up Italian destinations. All of these lights obviously indicate the spread of the Corona Virus, impacting not only one country but all. The most amazing thing about this world image, is that even as I lay in my bed, I am aware of our interconnectedness. These past few days this idea has grown into an amazing realisation of humanity as a whole – not only experiencing this pandemic attack, but all working together, towards changing behaviours that will stop the spread of the virus, and drastically flatten the statistical curve of the infection rate and slowing down this virus until we can fight it with a vaccine or medical cure that will benefit all of us. Not only the rich, not only a few, but all of humanity.

What China has accomplished is indeed already a victory for all to follow, and as I witness our own country standing firm, fighting together, I cannot help but to feel proud. We are all fighting against the same enemy, and when we do it together, the results are staggering! We work together, we share the same enemy, which is not each other, but rather a virus – we know ‘the problem is the problem’ (as we believe in pastoral narrative therapy’  – and that is who we fight.

When we do it together as a family, a country and as the world, nation after nation, as humanity, we stand a chance of eradicating so many evils. If we can hold onto this lesson when we stand up against the evils – that might not infect or look like the corona virus – but are just as infectious, and potentially deadly, imagine what humanity can fight against. Imagine if we could identify the Pornography 2020 virus, and see it for what it is? It’s deadly impact on families on men and women, how it’s killing love and hope and so much more? Imagine if the world could stand up against this virus, together, fighting the problem (not the people), imagine what difference that can make? And also stand up to the Abuse 2020 virus, the Neglect virus…

This little Corona virus, has indeed extensively impacted the world, but only because we decided to respond to it with force. I wonder what this little bug(ger) says about all the fuss? I wonder what Mr and Ms Corona came to teach us? Or maybe we taught the Corona family something about humanity, something about standing together as one?

A unique outcome in the making!

We are all in this together, and when we stand together, who knows what is possible?

With much love, from Coram Care.

Francette Bedford
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