Seeds of Hope

Seeds of Hope

Receive article 18A tax certificates for corporate social investment and related contributions. Counselling changes lives, it builds resilience, it helps people protest problems, it offers hope in the face of adversity, and much more. It is quite interesting therefore…

… that one would find people who regard counselling (or any other helping profession) as something that they don’t want to pay for. But there are those who really can’t afford it (even at our rates) and that is where we need your help; where we partner with you to offer hope in the world.

Banking details
ABSA-Cheque account: 4067258321
Branch code: 632005 (electronic) or 335-545 (Hatfield)
Reference: ‘Surname’ and ‘DonasieCD’ (e.g., Nel DonasieCD)

We would love to get to know you, so speak to us directly. Donations can be made from this page.

Consider strongly as an individual, family, or company to contribute financially or through professional helping services towards the pursuit of hope in our communities and in our country.

Hundred seeds of hope

That’s where our Hundred Seeds idea comes from; where one rand represents one seed (hundred seeds of hope), or in the case of a company – one seed, ten rand (business seeds of hope). For this we can offer…

article 18A certificates

means of attending to corporate social investment/ responsibility

skills development levy

partner around learning imperatives

employee engagement and assistance programmes

health and well being from coaching to corporate or team, and executive therapy

and much more

Pro-seeds of hope

As part of our hundred seeds initiative there is also pro-seeds: professional people who within a fair contribution framework offer their services for free. They do so however with the knowledge that Coram Deo requests a donation from the client by virtue of following the principle that often people don’t appreciate something that is for free, or then that clients contribute through other means that help yet other clients.

The fair contribution framework principle entails that a professional person can have the peace of mind that they will not be over extended. Your professional contribution should really come from your heart.

Request a call back through our contact page. If you represent a business or corporate we can set up a meeting with our board of directors.

67 Minutes Mandela Day

We also invite you to make a difference as we edeavour to make a difference in the lives of others on 18 July, Mandela day.

Courses | Training

Accredited by the University of Pretoria, we offer specialised training in a narrative approach that is generally described as pastoral but non-doctrinal in nature. A narrative approach also has application in coaching, mentoring, facilitation, mediation and organisational development.

We’ve offered pastoral and narrative therapy training for the past two decades.

Most programmes are accredited by the University of Pretoria.
Pastoral Narrative Therapy
Continued professional development
Practitioner superivsion
Seminars and workshops



Campuses | Learning sites

Pretoria (Main Campus)
Constantia Kruin (West Rand)
Kempton Park (East Rand)
Durbanville (Cape)
George (Western Cape)
Mossel Bay (Western Cape)
Lydenburg (Mpumalanga)

Global online (Blended Learning)

Make a difference

Tax deductible donations
Seeds of hope
Professional seeds
67 Minutes – Mandela dayCorporate social investment
Skills development levy

Let’s get in touch!

Head office (Pretoria)


Welcome to an embracing fellowship that offers hope.

Situated in Waterkloof Glen, Pretoria, South Africa, Coram Deo offers training in pastoral narrative therapy and professional counselling services made cost effective by the generosity of our donors and partner therapists and other professionals.


Coram Deo Pastoral Centre (NPC)
Registration no. 2003/007191/08