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Coram Deo offers a wide variety counselling services due to the fact that we are also a training centre for pastoral narrative therapy accredited by the University of Pretoria. We will be happy to connect with you around  any of the following in either individual, couple, or group orientated processes:

  • Trauma counselling
  • Grief and loss
  • Depression and anxiety
  • Relationship counselling
  • Family therapy and parenting
  • Divorce and (re)Constituted families (such as from second marriages)
  • Child and adolescent counselling
  • Matters relating to illness or differently abled contexts
  • Counselling related to any kind of addiction
  • Matters of abuse and disempowerment
  • Matters of culture, gender and identity in the non-judgmental tradition of narrative therapy


Facilitation, group work and community consultation


Corporate and organisational development and concerns: leadership, executive and employee considerations through coaching and corporate therapy (performance, purpose, alignment, organisational culture, diversity, transformation, interpersonal conflict management)


In our network: Formal alternative dispute resolution processes for work and family, parenting contexts.

Currently updating our more than a dozen helping team profiles

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Helping team
  • Essie Raath
  • Cassie Carstens
  • Adinda van Heerden
  • Elmo Pienaar
  • Jo Viljoen
  • Charlotte Rossouw
  • Francois Wessels
  • Hennie Swanepoel
  • Sonri van Weesel
  • Annalie Pretorius
  • Christiaan Ackerman
  • Christina Auerbach
  • Francette Bedford
  • Sandra Adendorff
  • Anneke Schölly
  • Welly den Hollander
  • Esté Marais
  • Alma Meyer

Good to know

We mostly subscribe to a pastoral narrative approach in which respect for your life experiences are of the utmost importance. We see ourselves as partners on the journey and not as someone who will prescribe and diagnose. Your life, your story. Let’s co-create a hopeful future and collaborate on a meaningful life.

Pastoral and Narrative Therapy training

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