Supervision Programme

Welcome to our Coram Deo Practitioner Supervision Programme.

Please note that we have an information session for this programme 29 January at 18:00 at our Pretoria head office.

Supervision is formally a process of development for either new practitioners or among professional peers. Many professional bodies nowadays require ongoing supervision.

If taken together with the Continued Learning programme (that is CPD) we refer to it as the Third Year of studies at Coram Deo. Our supervision programme is accredited by the University of Pretoria.

Coram Deo supervision programmeThe two compulsory aspects of the supervision programme involves a set amount of individual supervision conversations and a certain amount of hours spent with people in your chosen modality.

Our programme is open to anyone (teachers, parents, managers, leaders, and more) but there are some terms that you have to take note of. The recommended requirement is that the prospective student should have undergone a sufficient amount of prior learning in narrative practice (such as the Coram Deo advanced certificate or recognised other provider). If not then the programme is still open to helping practitioners but with certain terms: As long as they realise that the framework within which our supervisors work is predominantly narrative. Thus we will still be working with stories (your story [professional and otherwise], that of our cultures, or society) but the outcome is not to train you in how to work with stories. Also if you have adopted a strong theoretical inclination (such as we have for narrative) we will not be focusing on other approaches. That being said, together we can invite other supervisors (outside of a narrative approach) for a certain amount of your sessions. Speak to us about the possibilities.

You can come from any helping modality but the same applies as above: Though you can come from any helping modality (coaching, counselling, mentoring, psychology) you have to know that the way it will be facilitated will mostly be dealt with from a narrative approach.

To an extent you can focus your supervision journey on specific themes as complemented by modules from the specific year’s Continued Learning programme.

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