Welcome to Coram Deo’s Swakopmund network.

Our primary offering in the area is a university accredited advanced programme in pastoral narrative counselling. It usually commences by the end of January each year. It is an advanced certificate but we start off with the very basics of a narrative approach.

This year, 2020, is the first year of presenting the programme focused on the area. We do this by dealing with Swakopmund as the base of the local learning community. We take hands with a local organisation or network of like minded leaders that trusts God to bring healing and wholeness in our communities. Our aim is to equip people in an area to raise the potential for hope to take root and become practical. Along with the community we are expectant of and excited about what God wants to do in the area, community, and country.

Pastoral narrative therapy Swakopmund

The programme is presented online but consists only of people from Namibia and primarily from Swakopmund and surrounding areas. Being online however makes it open for participation from other parts of Namibia and on occasion from outside of the country.

Learning conversations take place online weekly (See class schedules) with local contact occasions ranging from 2 to 5 times per year. The number of visits is subject to the group size. Larger intake groups allow more local visits. This model is also called a blended learning.

What if you’ve missed the enrollment deadline? There is some leeway for late joiners if we have available seats (not a concern online) but only up to mid February. Learners can join via platform 9.76 (use password platform9.75). From the mentioned page you’ll learn that we consider on a yearly basis whether or not to have a catch up programme during March/April. However, if we do not have a group in the area that already started the liklihood of organising a March/ April catch up is significantly reduced (unless the local leaders and interested learners take it upon themselves to advocate for it.

The March/ April event is considered for the region to be hosted on 3,4 April is typically seen as a bridging/ onboarding/ introductory short course which consists of the first module of the advanced programme. Students would not have missed anything. And should there really not be enough interest after March/April, learners would get formal university accredited recognition for having done module one as an introductory course called Leaning into Narrative Therapy.

Please see the the information page and from there access enrollment forms.

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