Trauma counselling

At Coram Deo we recognise that trauma counselling requires a tender journey of untangling the ways in which an experience, series of events, or phase in your life still tries to subdue you to the influence of something that happened in the past. It could potentially also be happening right now or is of a recurring nature.

Trauma captures our entire body and captures us to live and see everything through the lens of what has happened. It means that trauma can be as much about other areas in your life as trauma itself (like relationships, sexuality, depression) since the trauma becomes a door opened in relation to these and other things in our stories.

For us it is sacred to accompany you on a very special journey towards reclaiming your life, your freedom, your body, your relationships or what you are being robbed of.

Taking the courage to make an appointment is often the first act of resistance to the effects playing out in your life, of saying it is not okay and something has to change.

We are here to help.