We use this page to tell, on an ‘overview level’ what is happening regarding Volant and how it impacts our community. More detailed information and discussion forums on our new eLearning website where you should register and join the respective groups. ‘Volant,’ the relocation part is only one aspect of what is happening behind the scenes. Join the next era and chapter in our journey by offering your responses based on the recent communication which is mainly emailed.

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(To steer or fly)

Will you be making the journey with us?

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  • 210630 Update 1: Sharing about Volant (see initial correspondence below) ; Communication about POPIA (Platforms: WhatsApp groups & Email lists)
  • 210701: Errata: Relocation date officially January 2022, part-occupation from September 2021
  • 210930: New building inspection and keys to new premises handed over.
  • 21106: Update 2: Boarding call. Many initiatives will gain momentum over the next few months (Platforms: WhatsApp and call to join eLearning website)
  • 211201: Update 3: Our most important update. After relocation communication, communicating strategy and inviting community responses. Please request if not received. (Platforms: Mainly via email)

From the old to the new location (25 November)

Correspondence 1 December 2021

Read or download the most recent and most important update so far.

We are in the air! (Relocation done)

(Seeking community responses now and early 2022)

Correspondence 6 (October 2021)

Now boarding!

(Flight Volant is now boarding. Join us)

Good day community (students, alumni, colleagues, partners)
Some time ago we shared important news of relocating to Centurion. That goes hand in hand with our renewed commitment as a pastoral centre of two decades to inspire hope-filled journeys. We call this project Volant and we have informed you of a page that shared initial limited information http://coramdeo.co.za/volant/.

As part of Volant we will be launching at some stage our new learning website that we will use greatly in 2022. In the meantime we’d like to get as much students as possible on the website that works partly like a social media platform but focussed on learning. We have already started to use it for some things. This will expand the value of the programmes we offer and keep us all connected and inspired. Much of what we want to communicate about the importance of Volant (the opportunities and challenges) and the relocation will be communicated on the specific group that you should join on the community/learning website.

Please therefore register (first link) and after that by clicking on the second link, locate the groups to join ‘Volant (Communication Group)’ and ‘Coram Deo Community’

Please register from here: https://narrativeacademy.co/register/
And then on the groups page, look for https://narrativeacademy.co/groups/

We’d love to continue the conversation with you regarding Volant and you can also be on the lookout for email correspondence during the next two weeks.

Kind regards
Dr Elmo Pienaar
Managing Director

Initial correspondence (30 June ’21)

Your call to adventure to be a witness of the journey.

(Flight planning in progress)

1) Most important is that Coram Deo will go airborne in the following months and we need to pull together as a community. We therefore invite you on our relocation adventure called Volant (to fly). Student classes for the Advanced Programme in Pastoral Narrative Therapy will not be affected by this relocation in the current year. The relocation will involve that our head office (now Waterkloof Glen, Pretoria) will move to the Centurion area (from January 2022, although part-occupation will take place from September 2021). More about that later but first we must attend to another important matter before we can tell you more.

2) Another change is the implementation of the POPIA act that most will likely have heard of (and hence the disclaimer below related to communication platforms). Be sure to subscribe from our home page to remain on our mailing list and receive important updates about Volant.

Volant (to fly)

‘Volant’ entails a considerable shift for us in our hearts and minds, having operated from where we are now for the last twenty years. There is much to say about this exciting time. We see it as an opportunity to give wings to hope and healing. But as you will know, there is risk involved in any flight. That is why we need each other. As a valued community member, each of you can play an important role in this flight. The destination for this flight is the land of ‘The Kingdom of Healing’ (God’s kingdom) where you’ll find the ‘Oasis of Hope’ for the world. Since the POPIA act has a bearing on our communication in this regard we will ask you to update, approve, decline the use of your information on various platforms – so much the more because we want to keep communicating about the flight ahead of us. This will enable us to come together as a community and reach out to the world to draw more people in under the wings* of him who is ultimately our hope. *Isaiah 40:31, Ps 94:4, Ps 63:7 (ESV translation)

Most information about Volant will be updated on this dedicated page from next week onwards.

POPIA disclaimer

The Act (Personal Information Act, 4 of 2013 (“POPIA”)), comes into effect 1 July 2021. We communicate with you in a number of ways. Our use of your information has always been applied in a way to serve you. Since we communicate across multiple platforms, applying the act can be complex. For this reason we start with this message on WhatsApp and will share our thoughts with you in the days to come regarding our strategic communication for the future.

WhatsApp has served as a rapid communication platform for us for a number of years. In this regard it has served us well. Due to the fact that WhatsApp works in way that does (not hide information such as your name and contact number) it is important that you know you have the right to leave any group. We also urge students, lecturers and counsellors to comply with the act and not use any group for posting information not meant for the reason that the group exists, or that you refrain from using information that is displayed due to the way WhatsApp works for any purpose other than the info needing to be there in order to facilitate communication in that particular group (for the reason the group exists) or to facilitate Coram Deo correspondence with the community.

WhatsApp will likely still play a role we are again considering other platforms to unify documents, correspondence, zoom rooms and more.

We will also send similar correspondence regarding Volant and POPIA via email, current email lists, and create further awareness via social media.

We’d love to remain connected, and for you to join us on flight Volant, as we enter a new era of spreading the wings of Hope and healing.

Kind regards
Elmo Pienaar
Managing Director

Frequently asked questions

We are currently putting together this section. Let us know your questions and we’ll be happy to respond.

Where will you be moving?

Our new home, officially from January 2022 (and in part from September 2021) will be 143 / 148 Leonie street, Die Hoewes (the greater Centurion area).

Why are you moving?

Oosterlig congregation has been a founding and seminal partner for us for twenty years – supporting us not only financially but also dedicating the entire premises at 457 Lea Road to Coram Deo, as well us delivering services at important functional levels. They now need the building for other purposes.

Coram Deo registered as a separate organisation in 2003 and ever since have been growing in strength and reach. We now train and empower communities across South Africa and beyond our borders. We carry on with our mandate of hope and healing which will find renewed energy in Volant. Dedicated correspondence will follow later about the partnership and the flight ahead.

Will you still be in the area?

While we will still see clients in the local area even into 2022 we are not limited to the area. We have been seeing clients and conducted training all over South Africa. Naturally our attention will shift to effectively reach the Centurion area but we will still have activities in the Waterkloof Glen area (counselling or training nearby at the church, just not the current building, or a convenient nearby venue).

How will it affect students?

Only Pretoria groups will be affected. Groups will be affected differently. The only change is a potential change of venue.

For course Pastoral Narrative Therapy: There is no foreseen change of venue for 1st and 2nd year students for the remainder of the year. Current 2nd years will complete the course at the current venue. The current 1st years will join us at the new venue form 2022. Note that we are exploring the possibility to move classes just opposite the road at the church building for the current 1st years so they may complete their studies in the area at least. The 2022 intake will start off at the new venue.

How will it affect Coram Deo as an organisation?

We have considerably less space for all our activities at the new premises. Our partner, Oosterlig, will no longer be rendering certain important services from the end of the year which include the VIP Payroll system, sharing internet costs and some expertise. We have also been fortunate to receive a considerable monthly donation from them that enabled us as a non-profit and public benefit organisation to help people and support local and national initiatives.

How can we help?

There are quite a few ways for our community to help and we will let you know soon.

Will counselling be offered at the new premises?

Yes, counselling (4 rooms) and training (2 rooms) will be dedicated to our activities. We are renting the entire premises.

What happens to current support groups?

There is unfortunately not enough space for us to host all our affiliate partner groups such as Simcha, art classes, the AA and others. We are indeed very sad about this. In principle depending on how exactly we end up utilising the space affiliate partners will still be welcome and groups can still be hosted when resources are not booked.