Martie Hofmeyr – Nutrition Counsellor

Welcoming Martie Hofmeyr nutritional counsellor

Martie Hofmeyr offers nutrition and lifestyle consultation. Get health-advice and support. Learn about enjoyable eating, active living and how to build positive lifestyle habits (without ‘going on a diet’)

She is available on our Coram Deo premises as part of the extended helping team but in private practice.

Nutrition counselling services

She is a registered dietician (SA) offering:

 Balanced Eating for Weight Management
 8-week Intuitive Eating Course
 Immune support
 Diabetes / Blood Glucose Management
 High Blood Pressure
 Lifestyle Diseases
 Bestmed Wellness & Vitality Nutrition Consultations


Make appointments directly with Martie:
Call or Watsapp: 0823261505
Consultations covered by most Medical Aids
R250 for the first consultation

We wish her all the best.

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