Our delight is to make a difference. Here are some small and larger things whereby you can contribute directly or indirectly to help make a difference. There is also a dedicated donations page as well as our seeds of hope initiative.

In many cases we budget and have expenses for select wishlist items. Helping us with some of these basic, or even larger project-specific needs allow us to channel our funds and resources to our core mission. Thank you for your consideration.

Donors can decide whether to contribute once off financially from our donations page or contribute recurring donations, or simply go ahead and help us with some of the following items.

Article 18A tax certificates are issued upon request for financial bona fide donations (i.e., ‘without intention to deceive or prescribe’). As a registered NPO and PBO, Coram Deo can issue article 18A tax certificates that effectively decreases taxable income of individuals or companies in South Africa.

Donors can opt to either use the following wish-list platforms, offer vouchers for specific items, or offer similar products from reputable providers. For smaller donations the following donation buttons can be used.


For custom amounts and recurring payments proceed to the donations page.

Ongoing needs

Foyer hospitality (beverages)

All groups at Coram Deo make use of basic hospitality, from families in counselling, to stroke support, to addiction, and much more. If we say we need a lot of these items, it cannot be overstated. Makro stores usually have better prices on larger quantities.

There-is-always-something needs

Handyman- (or women) work

Sometimes it simply means a bit of grout or painting a section of palisades, tiling, fixing and more. By nature of our gift we can tend to matters of the heart and soul but this area is definitely not part of our expertise. Please inquire.

Recurring office supplies

  • Flip chart paper
  • Permanent and white board markers

Project needs

Upgrading counselling rooms

Our counselling rooms plead with us to get some attention. We’d like to give our counselling rooms a more modern professional but warm look. Current items have been gathered over the years but doesn’t reflect outwardly the beautiful journeys of the transformation that people go through inward. We’ll post some pictures of what we have in mind soon from couches to lighting to paint.


Technology partners or donations will greatly help us reach places not previously possible. We started to leverage interactive video technology from 2018. We are typically looking at video and audio conferencing technology/devices, smart televisions to offer better experiences.

Volunteer programme

We have a number of formal volunteers offering their time and energy. They make a difference in aspects ranging from digital media work to, foyer and reception hospitality, to offering training in communities. We would love to honour their gifts with anything from spa treatments, to flowers, to monthly honorariums to at least covering some expenses they have such as fuel. They don’t ask for anything and they are incredibly special to us.


  • Children’s counselling rooms (Project): Require paint
  • Flowers (General counselling and other rooms) (Nice to have).
  • Various rugs (Please inquire)
  • Six navy blue curtains (Project)
  • New doors with which we can replace hollow ones giving problems (Projects)