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Dear Radio Pulpit listener. We can help specifically with counselling: in-person in some regions or everywhere through online counseling.

Depending on the needs of our clients we can deal with prayer and practices of faith during counselling. We cannot at present manage prayer requests outside of counselling.

All counselling are scheduled a couple of days out as we work with numerous diaries of professional counsellors all over the country. Once you reach out our office will determine the best time between you and a counsellor and get back to you.

If you have a non-counselling related question, and you do not necessarily want to make an appointment, find our detail on the contact page.

If your question relate to appointments as such, you may use information on our appointments page. You can also email appointments [AT] or scan the WhatsApp QR code to start a conversation.

To help you the best can we pre-schedule all our appointments whether for in-person, online, telephone, WhatsApp, or email. Please fill out the form below to speed up the process (if not now then sometime before your appointment).

Office and appointment hours

Our office hours are weekdays between 08:30 – 13:30 but rest assured we schedule appointments as per your convenience and bearing in mind the availability of the counsellor.

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Appointment booking to complete

The form below speeds up the process without you first having to contact us. If the form does not load or it is to small please click here. You will automatically receive a copy and so will we.

If you prefer to fill out the form in the conventional way, instead of waiting for when you visit, download it here. You can then email it to appointments [AT} or bring it along.

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Advanced programme in Pastoral Narrative Therapy. Join us in 2021!

Many students (teachers, parents, business leaders, and other professions) enroll and use this programme as their journey of hope – to actively become the author of their lives.

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