Jo Viljoen

Jo Viljoen

I feel about this work the way I feel about riding my motorcycle (in the words of my 5 year old grand daughter:

“Its like a smile, and a laugh, and the wind and thunder”

I came to Narrative Therapy from the nursing profession, where my area of passion was psychiatric nursing. I have been actively counselling people with a variety of problems for the better part of 35 years (since 1980). Narrative therapy made it possible for me to become more proficient in therapeutic conversations and I became so bewitched by the effects it had on people that I completed a Master and PHD in theology and religious studies with Narrative Practice as praxis.  This work also changed me as a person and continues to enrich me personally; every conversation is a rich, satisfying learning experience.

At Coram Deo I am partly responsible for the teaching of Narrative Theory and Practice, Addictions of all kinds, both substance and process addictions, as well as how to approach psychiatric disorders in socially constructed ways. Intertwined with the theory and practice of narrative therapy is the pastoral side of our work, powered by my theological and religious studies knowledges.

Due to my background and varied experience, I am particularly interested in trauma, loss, conflict in families and relationships, the effects of crime and poverty, the effects of abuse;; women’s issues, spiritual abuse and addiction, both substance and process addictions.  As a result I cant say I’m interested in a specific age group or gender or problem… I just work with people and journey along as a co-traveller, helping to untangle them from the problem power discourses in their lives

I love the challenge of every conversation; the not knowing and the co-discovery of people’s local knowledges, I love seeing the unique outcomes develop into preferred ways of being, into preferred ways of living and people becoming free from the hold The Problem has over them.


Currently updating our counselling and lecturing faculty across South Africa. Please check back soon.

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  • Jo Viljoen
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  • Annalie Pretorius
  • Christiaan Ackerman
  • Christina Auerbach

Courses | Training

Pastoral Narrative Therapy (English) [UP Accredited]
Pastoral Narrative Therapy (Afrikaans) [UP Accredited]
Supervision in counselling and other helping professions [UP Accredited]
Continued Learning (consisting of 5 short formal programmes)
Seminars and workshops

Campuses | Learning sites

Pretoria (Main Campus)
Constantia Kruin (West Rand)
Kempton Park (East Rand)
Durbanville (Cape)
George (Western Cape)
Mossel Bay (Western Cape)
Lydenburg (Mpumalanga)

Global online (Blended Learning)

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