Learning Partners

Learning partner overview

The Advanced Programme in Pastoral Narrative Therapy and select other programmes can be attended in,

  • Gauteng: Pretoria (head office)| Roodepoort (Constantia Kruin) | Benoni
  • Free State: Bloemfontein
  • Western and South Cape: Durbanville | George & Mossel Bay
  • Mpumalanga: Lydenburg
  • KwaZulu-Natal: Durban
  • Everywhere: Online via weekly video conversation

Learning Schedules

Classes take different formats in different regions.

  • Gauteng (+ Durbanville): Mostly classes take place once per week in the evening (or mornings where interest permit such as in Pretoria).
  • South Cape: Class only every second week (but twice in that week).
  • KZN/ Free State: Meeting once a month and with weekly online video conversations.
  • Important: a) If there are too many delegates for the learning experience we want to create the format will only be weekly but slightly longer classes. b) Too few participants (five or less) will entail only weekly online video with a group who prefers this format already. However since the small group is from the same region it will benefit them from meeting locally to review work which Coram Deo can help set up.

More about schedules here.

Students of Coram Deo can study with any of several learning partners in a number of regions. Some of these operate as independent licensed partners in a particular town or region while in other towns or regions students will study at host organisations or networks but directly with Coram Deo. If not studying through these residential/local communities (in either format: licensed or host), others study online with the aid of a personalised small group interactive video based platform. More on this option here.

Most of the learning partners will present the Advanced Certificate programme in Pastoral Narrative Therapy. Some are also licensed to present other programmes. These may include Alumni/ or our University of Pretoria accredited Supervision programme which is also available online where you will meet up with various experienced supervisors.

Good to know

It is useful to know that the different campuses operate with different learning agreements with head office. Here we list them under the type of agreements.

A. Main and direct campuses via host organisations

  • Coram Deo (Head office) | C/o Lea & Hugo road | Waterkloof Glen | Pretoria | Gauteng | South Africa (See also contact page)
  • Online via Blended Learning | Managed by Coram Deo head office
  • George | South Cape, South Africa
  • Durbanville, Bergsig | Western Cape | South Africa

B. Independent Licensed Partners

  • Coram Deo, Constantia kruin | Roodepoort | West Rand | Gauteng | South Africa
  • Caritas Centre | Mosselbaai | South Cape, South Africa
  • Institute for Creative Conversation | Benoni | East Rand | South Africa
  • Lydenburg South congregation | Lydenburg | Mpumalanga

C. Campuses via regional coordination

These type of campuses make use of direct head office involvement as well as regional coordinators.

  • KZN – Durban
  • Free State – Bloemfontein

  • Benoni
  • Bloemfontein
  • Constantia kruin
  • Durban
  • Durbanville
  • George
  • Kempton Park
  • Lydenburg
  • Mossel Bay
  • Pretoria

Courses | Training

Accredited by the University of Pretoria, we offer specialised training in a narrative approach that is generally described as pastoral but non-doctrinal in nature. A narrative approach also has application in coaching, mentoring, facilitation, mediation and organisational development.

We’ve offered pastoral and narrative therapy training for the past two decades.

Most programmes are accredited by the University of Pretoria.
Pastoral Narrative Therapy
Continued professional development
Practitioner superivsion
Seminars and workshops



Campuses | Learning sites

Pretoria (Main Campus)
Constantia Kruin (West Rand)
Kempton Park (East Rand)
Durbanville (Cape)
George (Western Cape)
Mossel Bay (Western Cape)
Lydenburg (Mpumalanga)

Global online (Blended Learning)

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